Ravalli County Museum

Historical Narrative & Virtual Tours

Making History Fun.

In grade school, I loathed reading cold facts & dates about ancient times, but I absolutely loved history when told as an engaging story. While directing Dawson’s Adventures, my goal was to achieve the latter. We also produced virtual 3D tours of the museum’s exhibits which can be seen HERE.

I cut my teeth on Indiana Jones fan films in high school. “Indiana Jones and Ancient Laser,” was to be a feature length film set in France and Germany, but shot in the Bitterroot Valley. I worked at a car wash the summer before my senior year to save up money for the film. My plan was to enlist the high school football team to play French Villagers and German Soldiers in battle. I curated costumes from second hand stores, but the battle didn’t happen (probably for the best.) As it turns out shooting a film with extremely high production value requirements on a tiny budget is close to impossible (a lesson I’m still learning to this day.) We shot the first 12 minutes which surprisingly weren’t bad last time I watched it. I’ll track it down and put it online eventually.