I’ve been refining my craft as a filmmaker for over 20 years. My current working hypothesis is The Four Components of Cinema: The audience comes for the CONCEPT, they stay for the CHARACTERS, the STORY keeps them engaged & explores themes, and the STYLE gives them a unique experience.

My History

My great-great-great grandparents homesteaded in the Bitterroot valley in the 1870s. Growing up, I was enthralled by real life stories from my grandparents about the Old West. They say write what you know and I know the contemporary West which is why nearly all of my scripts are set in Montana.

My Discovery

From a young age, I was choreographing dances, recording my own radio programs, drawing floor plans, and reenacting action scenes from movies. It wasn’t until I was 16 when I put it all together. At a family yard sale, all I could see were props. I asked for a video camera for my birthday and I was off.

My Present

Making films isn’t something I want to do it. It’s an obsession. I perceive the world through a cinematic lens. I work hard everyday to hone my craft as a filmmaker and storyteller. Check out my Now page for a full rundown. 

My Future

I’ve written over 30 short, feature, TV pilot & video game scripts. My ultimate artistic goal is to be able share these stories with a worldwide audience. Bonus points if I can do that from Montana.

My Influences


Let’s not pull any punches. Spielberg’s work has permeated the culture. His blocking and camera work are unmatched. The stories he tells, time & time again, offer hope and look for the best in humanity. We are putty in his hands.


The original rebel without a crew was way ahead of his time. He’s been proselytizing taking advantage of low threshold filmmaking since the 90s. His excitement is contagious and a constant source of inspiration for me.


Many consider him to be the greatest filmmaker of all time and I won’t argue against it. His obsessive preparation and perfectionism elevated his films to the level of classic artists. He was operating on a different level.


You can’t talk about Westerns without mentioning him early and often. It’s been said that the unused footage from one of his films would fit into a shoe box. His rugged, but poetic take on the American West is unsurpassed.


Joseph Campbell called Lucas his best student. Lucas’ mastery of mythology, theme, story, & character arcs combined with his technical proficiencies brought us the greatest film franchise of all time. And Indiana friggin’ Jones!


Before discovering filmmaking, my first love was basketball. The Legend’s physical “gifts” were vastly inferior to his peers. Slow. Can’t jump. Bad back. His mind & work ethic were his secret weapons.


Coppola was a brash & bold filmmaker. When he made a film he went all in. His radical American Zoetrope endeavor is an inspiration despite its short life. The Godfather II might be best film about America ever made.


Jackson’s unassuming, laidback manner and resume of low-budget horror films makes him an unlikely movie mogul. But he believed in himself, surrounded himself with an amazing team, and they took the world by storm.


Beyond being one of the greatest living directors, Scorsese leads the charge in film history & preservation. As he preaches his love for cinema, aspiring filmmakers would be wise to sit in the front pew.


The master of suspense. He ushers us effortlessly in and out of the supernatural. Tone & genre are pitch perfect every time. His “bomb theory” taught me more about storytelling in 2 minutes than a year of traditional study.

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