Bleach Bone

Director & Co-Writer

Write what you know.

This short was shot a few miles from my childhood home. An opportunity to direct a Western in my hometown was hard to pass up. The first step was to adapt a weird & fun play into a screenplay. This was to be my first adaptation. 

Theater is dialogue & gestures. It’s big. Film, particularly Westerns, are both big and small at the same time. Sprawling, epic vistas and a squint before a gunfight. Adapting a dialogue-heavy play meant replacing lines with glances, expressions, and exhales. To show rather than tell. If I’ve done my job right, the film will be as weird & fun as the play.

  • Project Bleach Bone
  • Genre Short Western Noir
  • Company Buckwheat Dreams
  • Release 2023
  • Producer Josh Wagner
  • Director John D. Nilles
  • D.P. Jon Aaron Aaseng
  • Post Rocky Mountain Post Production