• COVID-19: Vaccines are rolling out. A return to normal is on the horizon. I’m cautiously optimistic. One of the few upsides of the pandemic is that it has allowed me to focus on post-production. I’ve had several projects stacked up for a while now and have finally been able to get them across the finish line.
  • MAIN PROJECT: “Saving For The Day” is finally finished! The film is a love letter to Missoula and features the talent of over 400 Montanans. It’s a multi-genre feature in the form of a modern-day Indiana Jones adventure. Check out the new trailer through the link above. It will be released in 2021.
  • TREASURE STATE STUDIOS: Stage 1 of the studio is built! I mean that both figuratively and literally. Our first sound stage is ready for action. We’re already looking to expand in 2022. Official announcement to come.
  • BACK BURNER: I co-wrote, directed, & scored a short film called, “Bleach Bone.” We recently released a trailer for this weird, gothic contemporary Western. It will be completed in early 2021. Watch the trailer HERE.
  • OTHER BACK BURNER: Post on another short, contemporary Western I wrote and directed called, “Bitterroot,” will begin after Bleach Bone is completed. This might be the best thing I’ve ever directed.
  • ASPIRE MEDIA PROGRAM: The students are in post on their two films and will have a screening in May. Learn more HERE
  • WRITING: I’m writing several unrelated short scripts to be shot as a part of the “Shoot Montana” Project. Right now I’m working on 80s style action-comedy. It’s John Carpenter’s “They Live” meets “E.T.” I’m also polishing some of my feature scripts.
  • LONG TERM: World building on my most ambitious project has been put on pause so I can finish the projects above. When I need a moment of zen, I retreat into the intricate details of this wild & wonderful world. I hope to bring this futuristic Western world to the screen someday. If not, it’ll be a series of illustrated novels.


  • I’m enjoying spring with my family in beautiful Missoula, Montana (above).
  • DadMode is in full effect. Watching our daughter discover, learn, & grow is a source of constant joy. She is crawling and is close to walking. She’s constantly on the move. It’s a wild time!
  • Now that spring is here I’ve resumed running. It feels great to get outside. Apologies to passers by for the vampire-like pale skin. 
  • 14 months of hair growth has officially been removed from my head and now lives in our yard. I suspect the neighborhood cats & dogs will soon be rolling around in it. Hopefully, my severed locks will finally usher in a period of peace between the two species.

Updated in the Spring of 2021.

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