• MAIN PROJECT: “Saving For The Day” is finally finished! The film is a love letter to Missoula and features the talent of over 400 Montanans. It’s a multi-genre feature in the form of a modern-day Indiana Jones adventure. Check out the new trailer through the link above. It will be released in 2022.
  • TREASURE STATE STUDIOS: We are up and running! Check it out. We’re building a second stage in early 2022. Official announcement to come.
  • BACK BURNER: I co-wrote, directed, & will be scoring a short film called, “Bleach Bone.” Sound design, ADR, color, & score will begin very soon at Treasure State Studios. Watch the trailer HERE.
  • OTHER BACK BURNER: Post on another short, contemporary Western I wrote and directed called, “Bitterroot,” will begin after Bleach Bone is completed. This might be the best thing I’ve ever directed.
  • ASPIRE MEDIA PROGRAM: Screenplays are written and production will soon begin on the student films. Learn more HERE
  • WRITING: I’m writing several unrelated short scripts to be shot as a part of the “Shoot Montana” Project. Right now I’m working on 80s style action-comedy. It’s John Carpenter’s “They Live” meets “E.T.” I’m also polishing some of my feature scripts.
  • LONG TERM: World building on my most ambitious project has been put on pause so I can finish the projects above. When I have a moment, taking advice from Neil Gaiman, I’ve been writing short stories set in this world to flesh it out. I hope to bring this futuristic Western world to the screen someday. If not, it’ll be a series of illustrated novels.


  • I’m enjoying fall with my family in beautiful Missoula, Montana (above).
  • DadMode is in full effect. Our daughter speaks in phrases and sayings. Her current favorite is “Rock and roll, baby!”

Updated in the Spring of 2021.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now Page Movement.