• The school year is out and COVID-19 has put a stop to nearly all film production. The upside is that it’s giving me time to finish post-production on my main project and several others that have been on the back burner.
  • MAIN PROJECT: Finishing post-production on, “Saving For The Day,” which is a love letter to Missoula and features the talent of over 400 Montanans. It’s a multi-genre feature in the form of a modern-day Indiana Jones adventure.
  • BACK BURNER: Composing/sound designing a film I co-wrote & directed called, “Bleach Bone.” It’s a short, gothic contemporary Western.
  • SOMETHING I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT: Planning and meeting about an unannounced partnership that will make high-quality filmmaking more accessible for Montanans and Montana projects.
  • 2021: Writing 10 unrelated short scripts to be shot next year as a part of the “Shoot Montana” Project. Right now I’m writing an 80s style action-comedy. It’s John Carpenter’s “They Live” meets “E.T.” 
  • LONG TERM: I’ve been world building my most ambitious project. I hope to bring this futuristic Western world to the screen someday. If not, it’ll be a series of illustrated novels. World building includes creating a “used future,” a fictional history, characters, group dynamics, intergroup dynamics, conflicts, alliances, concepts, traditions, events, an in-world sport, map making, floor plans, schematics, and more. I’m learning how to draw.


  • Enjoying late Spring/early Summer with my family in beautiful Missoula, Montana (above).
  • I recently became a father. DadMode is engaged and I’m loving every minute of it! 
  • We’re hunkered down due to the quarantine. I make occasion trips to the store and we try to support local restaurants as much as possible.
  • I’m attempting to eat healthy and exercise regularly. My motivation rocket is barely escaping the quarantine-enhanced gravity of my couch, snacks, & binge-watching television. Progress is nominal. 
  • I’m growing my hair out. Not sure for how long. Right now, I’m in the early 90s dad phase. Parted in the middle, feathery, covers my ears. I wear a hat out in public.

Updated Late Spring/Early Summer of 2020.

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